Refund Policy

Webyne Inc(“WEBYNE”, “we”, “our”) provides cloud platform and configuration services, including but not limited to smart dedicated servers, graphics processing units, object storage, content delivery network service and continuous data protection backup services (“Services”) to its customers (“Customer(s)”, “you”, “your”), and such use of the Services by the Customers shall be governed by online terms of service available at l a master services agreement, if any, executed between WEBYNEand the Customer. This refund policy (“Policy”) describes the cases in which a refund may be due to the Customer and sets out the terms governing such refund. Your use of the Services or your registration with us for availing the Services, constitutes your agreement to this Policy. WEBYNEmay modify this Policy at any time by posting a revised version of the same on WEBYNE’s website and the amended version of this Policy shall become automatically binding on you, if you continue to avail of the Services.

❖ In connection of your use of our Services, a refund may arise in the following cases:-

If you have any unused prepaid infra credits in your Customer Account and you don’t intend to use any further Services, then you can request refund by sending email to [email protected], provided Customer account is not in “Inactive/ dormant state”.

For the purpose of this clause, ‘Inactive/dormant state shall mean a Customer account which, at any point of time, has not consumed any of the Services in the preceding 90 (Ninety) day.

No refund shall be due after the expiry of 90 day and we shall have the right to invalidate such credits after following the process mentioned in our TOS.

In order to claim a TDS refund, please refer to our TDS help article accessible at ‘TDS Refund- How to claim TDS refunds? – Webyne Inc Knowledgebase’, for information on the process to be followed.

❖ When will you not be entitled to a refund under this Policy:-

You shall not be entitled any refund in the following cases:-
a) Minimum Billing Committed Nodes: The committed nodes are launched for a specific committed period for a fixed price and you shall not be eligible for a refund of the amount paid for the same. Additionally, you will not be eligible for a refund of the minimum billing amounts charged in each billing cycle;
b) Promotional code benefits, free coupons etc. are not refunded;
c) The transaction fees charged by payment gateways is not refunded;
d) If you have an outstanding balance in any of the linked Customer accounts or if we suspect that your Customer account is linked in any manner to another customer account(s) which has outstanding dues, you will not be entitled to a refund. The balance, if any, remaining after adjustment of the outstanding balance for such linked customer account, shall be refunded to you;
For the purpose of this clause, outstanding dues shall include outstanding TDS payable for the Services, where a duly signed TDS certificate has not been provided by you;
e) In case of suspected violations of our TOS, Company Policies (as defined in our TOS) etc.; or
f) Any other cases, which at our discretion would disentitle you to a refund.

❖ General:-

All requests for refund shall be sent to [email protected] within the timeline mentioned herein above. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, you hereby waive all claims relating to fees/charges payable/already paid to us unless claimed within the timeline prescribed in this refund policy.